Got the digital blues? Coat your guitar in warm, organic tone. The new Analogizer thaws out digitally processed guitar, and gives you that analog sound and feel. Boost your solos with up to 26dB of gain. Fatten your sound. The Analogizer is perfect for warming up the harshness of your digitally processed guitar or for thickening up your already warm sound.

EHX Analogizer

  • Quick Specs
    From 0 to 26db of input gain
    The Analogizer's warmth can mask the harshness of the digital signal
    Easy to balance for the right amount of analog
    Punch in the analog signal with the footswitch
    Use a 9V battery or a standard 9.6volt DC power supply
    True Bypass
    Dimensions in inches: 2.75 (w) x 4.5 (l) x 2.1 (h)
    Dimensions in mm: 70 (w) x 115 (l) x 54 (h)