SDRUM is the world’s first intelligent drum machine for guitarists and bassists. By simply scratching across your guitar strings, you teach the SDRUM a kick and snare pattern that forms the foundation of the beat you want to hear. Based on this pattern, the SDRUM supplies a professional sounding drum beat with different embellishments and variations to perfectly complement your beat. Gone are the days of having your creative flow disrupted by searching through lists in a frustrating attempt to find the beat you want.
The SDRUM stores up to 36 different songs. Beats are played from a choice of 5 different kits covering a wide range of genres. The pedal also supports three different parts (e.g. verse/chorus/bridge) for each song that can be switched on the fly for enhancing live performances and exploring song ideas.

DigiTech SDRUM Strummable Drums

  • Features
    BeatScratch™ Technology creates drum patterns by strumming your strings
    5 kits and studio quality samples for professional sounding drums
    36 song memories
    Verse/Chorus/Bridge parts
    12 different hats/rides styles
    Alternate instruments/voicings
    Dedicated Amp and stereo Mixer outputs
    Kick/Snare pads for tapping in a beat
    External FS3X support
    JamSync™ connectivity for interfacing with JamMan loopers