Sparkly or darkly, the DOD Bifet Boost 410 (2014) has the tone and volume to boost your solos into orbit. New for the DOD Bifet Boost 410 (2014), is a selectable Buffer On/Off toggle switch. This switch affects the bypass state of the undefined Bifet Boost and gives it the flexibility to be used anywhere in your FX chain. Use it first in the chain with the buffer off so that the buffer won’t affect fuzz pedals, or put it last in the chain with the buffer on to counter the signal loss of today’s larger packed pedalboards.

The Bifet Boost can deliver a huge amount of output to hit the front of your amp and drive it into distortion. The DOD 410 is often described as a clean boost, but there is just a little hint of grit in there that works well with already cooking tube amps.

The DOD Bifet Boost also works very well as an “always on”, touch-sensitive and dynamic, tone sweetener in conjunction with guitar volume knob usage practiced by experienced players. The DOD Bifet Boost also has all of the added features of the new DOD pedals: True Bypass, LED, and modern PSU jack.

DigiTech Bifet Boost 410 (2014)

  • Features
    Up to 20dB clean boost
    Selectable Buffer On/Off Toggle Switch
    True bypass
    9V DC power supply jack
    Crisp blue status LED
    Lighter aluminum chassis
    Dimensions 4.68” x 2.63”x 2.25” (L x W x H)
    Weight ~0.62 lbs. / 0.281 kgs.
    Input (1) ¼” Instrument
    Input Impedance 3.9M Ohm
    Output (1) ¼” Instrument
    Chassis All Metal
    Power Supply 9V Alkaline Dry Battery; PS0913DC power supply